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Senseless Special Edition: Student Life - .: Things On the Little Earth :.

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Things on the little earth
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November 18th, 2007

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10:48 pm - Senseless Special Edition: Student Life

Translated from the Chinese original by the very kawaii Yue, reformatted by me.

This is dedicated to all the hard working students out there. And bunnies.

an introduction to

Student Life

starring a bunch of confused bunny…people…things

The semester begins!
One week later
Two weeks later
Before midterms
During midterms
After midterms
Finals are approaching…
…and you find out when they are.
7 days before the final
6 days before the final
5 days before the final
4 days before the final
3 days before the final
2 days before the final
The day before the final
The night before the final
One hour before the final
During the final
After the final
Your feelings for the teacher after the final

Now how’s that for an educational experience? Of course, this is NOTHING like my academic life at all. No, really, it isn’t.

*crawls back towards books with a groan*


credit to http://www.worryvsdonuts.com/?p=82#comment-292

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